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When sending us your guest post let these guidelines, guide you.


Our main categories include:

  • camping,
  • backpacking,
  • hiking,
  • survival skills,
  • and outdoorsmanship.

We love diversity of thought so feel free to bring your own topic. We’ll consider any outdoor topic.

Post Specifications

Posts should be 300 – 900 words in length with an appropriate number of paragraphs. Your post should be centered on your chosen topic. Our readers want to quickly get the point you’re trying to make. Run-on sentences and goose chases will cause your post to be rejected.

Obviously, grammar and spelling are very important. Our editors will correct minor spelling or grammar issues but excess errors will cause your post to be rejected or returned for edits.


We do make edits if needed for clarity or if those edits will help the post fit in better with the rest of GGC content. Do not be offended by this; we know what is required for posts to do well with our readership and our edits are meant to support you.

We will never edit your post to such an extent as to change your meaning. Edits greater than basic grammar or corrections will be provided to you prior to publishing. If the needed edits are great in number, or complexity, we will return the post to you with change suggestions and re submission instructions.

Opinion Vs. Facts

Opinions are important, our readers want to read yours. But an opinion based on facts and personal experience means so much more. Please share your opinions but remember to include links to supporting information or personal stories that caused you to form your opinions.


You’re free to include supporting links in your post, in fact we recommend you do. Such links should be to reputable sites relating to the subject of your post.  While a call to action to visit your site is not appropriate, you’re welcome to include links to your own site if specific to the subject of the post. Links to corporate sites or for the purpose of advertising your product will have nofollow appended to them. Additionally, such links will likely be moved to your guest author biography block at the editor’s discretion.

This site is supported, in part, by using affiliate links to products discussed in the posts on this site. Our editors may include affiliate links to products discussed in your posts. Please do not include affiliate links of your own.

Please do not provide shortened links, the full link is required.

HTML or Text?

If you are versed in the use of HTML feel free to provide HTML formatting in your post.

  • Headlines should use the H2 tag, e.g. <h2>My headline</h2>
  • Links should use the Anchor tag, e.g. <a href=”http://www.google.com”>my link</a>
    Alternatively, you may inlcude your link in the following form:
    [ my link text, http://www.google.com ]
  • Text emphasis may include:
    • bold text should be kept to a minimum, e.g. <strong></strong>
    • emphasis, e.g. <em></em>
    • blockquotes may be used for textual asides, e.g. <blockquote></blockquote>


You may include supporting imagery with your post. Include documentation of your right to use any included images whether it be license by the image’s creator, your own work of art or public domain.

Submitting Your Post

We accept post submissions on any day of the week. It can take up to ten days for us to review and schedule posts; please be patient with us. Submitting requests for the status of your post will not speed up our review process.

Please submit your post via email to editor [@] guysgocamping.com. If you use Google Docs, you may share your document with our editor’s account at editor [@] guysgocamping.com.

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