Why Bother Packing Out Your Garbage?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “pack in, pack out.” The idea is whatever you bring into nature you should bring back out with you so as to not negatively impact the ecosystem.

By Brian Walker, CNN. 08/16/2010

By Brian Walker, CNN.

But what is the real impact of leaving trash laying about? There are immediate effects possible like possibly killing wildlife. But there’s an even more sinister effect possible. As man-made materials are left laying around they can leach chemicals into their surroundings as they degrade. But many of these items take many years to break down. They’re like a slow time released chemical weapon to the natural world.

How much time you ask? Well a Nylon jacket could take 40-50 years to breakdown. That baby’s diaper will take 450 years. So do your great, great, grandchild a favor and pack out that trash.

Trash - How Long It Really Lasts

by VisualApogee.
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