Camp Beverages

by Aih 2006

by Aih 2006

An essential part of any camp packing list is a stock of beverages to stay hydrated during your stay outdoors. Packing beverages can be difficult, because liquids require a large amount of space to store. If your campsite has clean, running water, you can pack beverage powders and eliminate the need to transport liquids. If not, you will have to make room in your packing for beverage storage. You may also want to pack liquid beverages if you do not want to limit your drinking to powdered beverages.

So, what kind of drinks should you take on your camping trip? The beverages you choose depend on your personal taste, time of year, and activities that you want to do. Pack a large supply of water to keep hydrated even if you also bring other beverages.

The Ultimate Hydrating Drinks

Staying hydrated while camping is top priority. Water is the best option for staying hydrated, but there are also other options. When hiking or engaging in other physical activities, an electrolyte-replacing drink can help you maintain hydration. Flavored electrolyte tablets are hydrating and healthy. Avoid electrolyte drinks filled with sugar, or worse high fructose corn syrup. Pickle juice is hydrating and can reduce muscle cramps after strenuous activity.

The Best Camping Drinks for Kids

Always give children water to drink as a first option. I usually make my kids drink a cup or more of water before they are allowed to have other beverages. Healthy drinks for kids include juice and tea- either unsweet or lightly sweetened with honey. While cool-aid, soda, and Gatorade are all popular drinks for children, they are not recommended during outdoor activities because of their high sugar content. Soda is also a dehydrating beverage.

Drinks Just for Adults

Many people enjoy relaxing with a couple of adult beverages while camping. Beer is an ever-popular choice. If you bring beer, stick to aluminum cans to avoid scattering glass shards in the camp site if a bottle breaks. Camping cocktails are also popular, but require more storage space. Hard liquor can be added to other beverages, like tea, coffee, soda, and juice to give them an extra kick.

Powdered Drinks

If you want to pack lightly, pack beverage powders rather than liquid. Beverages that come in powder form include coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate, and Gatorade. Pack the powder and add water once you get to the campsite.

Hydration is one of the most important safety concerns during a camping trip. With the right drinks, you can stay hydrated while still enjoying a variety of tasty beverages.

What is your favorite camping drink?