Best iPhone Apps for Campers

The Top 5 IOS Apps for the Modern Camper

Best iPhone Apps for CampersWhen it comes to smartphones, we’re a house divided. My husband loves his Android and I love my iPhone. So, when he asked me to write about the best camping apps for smartphones I had to start with iPhone apps for campers.

From survival to entertainment, apps can make camping trips enjoyable. Just remember to charge your iPhone’s battery and always have a backup plan for when that battery dies.

Survival and First Aid iPhone Apps for Campers

Survival Guide By Max Soderstrom
Based on the U.S. Military Survival Manual FM 21-76 and featured in PRIME living’s July/August issue 2012, the Survival Guide iPhone app is a guide book of sorts that covers everything from basic survival medicine to water purification, types of shelters and how to build them, building a fire and identifying dangerous plants. If there is anything you’d like to learn about surviving outdoors, this app will have you covered. Of course learning before you pitch your tent is advised, but I’d recommend even experienced campers keep this app handy.

St John Ambulance First Aid By St John Ambulance
While this app is based on UK protocols, I found it highly recommended as a first aid app. With instructions and illustrations for assisting people with allergic reactions, bites and stings, hyperventilation, diabetes and more this app could help you save a life.

An iPhone App to Help You Find Your Way

Spyglass By Pavel Ahafonau
Quite possibly the coolest compass app I’ve seen, Spyglass projects a compass over the image seen through your iPhone’s video camera so that you get a real sense of direction while using it. I’m terrible about finding my bearings, even when the sun is clearly rising in the east and I’m so excited to have found this app!

Entertaining iPhone Apps for Family Camping Trips

MyNature Animal Tracks By MyNature Inc.
Our oldest son’s favorite part of camping near the lake is waking up in the morning to discover all the tracks the nocturnal creatures have left on the beach and around the campsite. Having grown up in the country, I too enjoy trying to identify the footprints and track the creatures or speculate with my six year old about what they may have been doing while we were sleeping. MyNature Animal Tracks is sure to become a favorite app at our next camping trip.

GoSkyWatch Planetarium – the astronomy star guide By GoSoftWorks
Many of us camp to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and one of the best perks of a quite night away from it all is the view of the night sky… something we don’t see in our lit neighborhoods. Even if you’re not crazy about astronomy like my husband, you look up in wonder at the millions of tiny lights flickering above you. Next time you’re under the stars, try this app and see how many constellations you can find with it’s location based overlays of the night sky. Just lay down, point your iPhone at the sky and be amazed!

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