Guys Go Camping: Tips for Camping on a Slope

Tips for Camping on a Slope

While it is easiest to camp on flat ground, sometimes camping on sloped ground is inevitable. Sloped ground, embankments, hills, and mountainous terrain are not the friendliest areas for camping, but with a few tips and tricks, you can make the most of the angled ground and still enjoy yourself.

Guys Go Camping: Tips for Camping on a Slope

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Follow these tips to stay safe and comfortable on any sloped ground:

Choosing the Right Location

If you have a choice, set up your campground on the south side of the hill in colder months and the north side in warmer months. The south side of a hill has less wind chill, and the north side is cooler.

Pitch your campsite as close to the top of the hill as you can get, unless it is extremely windy. Pitch the campsite close to the bottom of the hill if the area is dry and windy.

Make sure your slope is not in the direct path of water flow or a creek. This can be a disaster when it rains because your tent will get flooded or completely washed down the hill.

Pitching the Tent

Position your tent so that the opening sits perpendicular to the slope of the hill. That way, if you do slip down inside the tent at night, you will run into the wall, rather than fall out the door.

Dig a small trench around your tent to catch any water that rolls down the hill and you will stay much drier if it rains. [Editors Note, best not to disturb the land if possible. But let safety dictate your actions.]

Position your head at the top of the slope and your feet at the bottom. Propping pillows and other elevating cushions under your feet can help prevent rolling and slipping. Place your sleeping bed as far up the slope as possible inside the tent because you will slide down some during the night.

Dealing with the Slope

Look for flat areas surrounding your sloped campsite. If possible, set up your camping equipment on a flat area. The top of the hill or the valley below the hill are better locations for fires and furniture.

If moving your equipment is not an option, bring equipment with adjustable legs. Many camping tables, chairs, stoves, and other accessories come with adjustable legs.

Use pieces of cardboard, bark, pieces of wood, sticks, or whatever else you can find to prop up your equipment.

Just because you are camped on a slope does not mean you will have a miserable camping experience. Use these tips to help make your sloped camping experience comfortable and fun.

How do you deal with hills or slopes while camping? 

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