Camping Etiquette: Camping with Friends

by Philip Welles about 1957

by Philip Welles about 1957

Have you ever been camping with someone who ignored all rules of common decency and shirked all responsibility? Perhaps that person rusted your cast iron skillet or neglected to clean up their trash at the end of the trip.

Short of vowing never to camp with that person again, there is little you can do to prevent others from taking advantage of you. However, you can make sure you are not the one that others grumble about after you go to bed each night by ensuring you obey the following etiquette rules for camping with others:

Divide the responsibilities in advance

Divide the responsibilities of camping before you go. Assign tasks to each camper, such as who is in charge of which meal, who will bring which tools and equipment, and who will be responsible for bringing activities. Advanced planning will help prevent arguments and relationship strains. When everyone has a plan, the time together is more enjoyable for all.

Assign daily chores

Certain tasks, like disposing of trash, cooking meals, gathering wood, building a fire, and cleaning up after meals occur every day. Assign a few tasks to each person per day. Make sure the same person is not stuck with the same job each day. No one wants to have to clean up the dishes after every meal.

Establish a campsite schedule and boundaries

Find out what each person expects from the trip. Some campers may want to arise early and get started with the day. Others may wish to enjoy a leisurely-paced morning before major activities occur. Set up boundaries for sleeping, a loose schedule outline, and a daily quiet time, if necessary.

Show respect to other campers

When you share a space with other campers, it is important to respect their personal space and equipment. Never use someone else’s tools, equipment, or food without asking. Do not enter other’s tents or personal areas. This will prevent crowding and allow everyone to experience downtime, if they wish.

Maintain a clean campsite

In addition to following basic campsite rules and regulations, keep your campsite clean. Dispose of trash immediately, and respect the plants and wildlife surrounding your campsite. Show your fellow campers respect by keeping your equipment and space tidy throughout the trip.

Following these basic camping etiquette rules will go a long way toward making your camping experience enjoyable for everyone.

Have you ever camped with a disrespectful camper? How did you deal with the experience?

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