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People have lived out of doors for some time, and many cultures still do. It’s only been in the last hundred years or so that people started camping out of recreation rather than necessity. It’s taken us some time to build a society who’s participants have effectively become removed from the natural world to the extent that they feel they’ve lost some connection to the world and their own heritage.

T. H. Holding

In 1908 Thomas Hiram Holding, considered to be the father of modern camping, published his book, “The Camper’s Handbook.” He, and contemporaries, ushered in the popular age of returning to the wild for the simple purpose of returning the wild. Most people today, and I suspect in Holding’s time, feel that return is important to them in some way. No matter how comfortable one might be with the modern world, I think everyone has at least a momentary introspection and questions if they are missing out on something or are incomplete in some way.

The simple answer is yes. Yes, of course you are. Today even the most uneducated person’s basic understanding of common commodities such as combustion engines, electricity, computers, etc. would amaze our forefathers. But in the same respect much of their knowledge, their day-to-day know-how, has simply been lost to time.

Whether you believe we evolved in nature or were created by Divinity to oversee nature, it’s quite apparent: we were meant to have a strong connection to the natural world.

This site is written for those wanting to reconnect with the natural world and perhaps regain some of their great grandfather’s knowledge. While our style and topics are relevant to anyone — we hope — you’ll notice we have a decidedly male bent. That’s because I’m a guy, with a brother and two sons.

I hope you find our posts interesting and of benefit to you in your quest to return to nature.

Ryan Mueller
Editor, Contributing Author, Lakeside Camping Enthusiast
Web developer by day, camping weekend warrior by… well weekend. With his wife, two boys and two dogs (Digit and Pi) Ryan makes it a point to get outdoors as often as possible.

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