Portable Solar Panels for Camping

Camping is a lot of fun, but in the 21st century it is hard for many of us to go without our electronic gadgets. We know that the batteries will never last for the whole trip, and we therefore fret about being without our electronic gizmos while we are out in the woods. Luckily, there is a smart solution for this problem. You can enjoy all of your electronic devices for the duration of your trip when you bring along portable solar panels for camping.

Take Power with You Anywhere

One of the best things about portable solar panels is that you can take them with your anywhere. Because they are so lightweight and portable, you can hike with them deep into the backcountry. You can set up your campsite with all the electronic gadgets you need for your camping trip.

For example, most of us use digital cameras to take our photographs these days. The only problem with digital cameras is that the batteries can run out quickly. Instead of having to buy a whole bunch of batteries to take with you on your camping trip, you can make the much more environmentally responsible choice of using portable solar panels to recharge your batteries.

Another way you can use them is to charge your GPS device. A GPS device is very handy to have with you when you are camping. You will never have to worry about getting lost when you have GPS guidance to help you navigate your way through the wilderness. When you bring along a portable solar panel to charge your GPS device, you never have to worry about it running out of power while you are deep in the woods.

The Eco-Friendly Choice

One of the most common ways people keep their electronic devices running when they are out in the woods is to bring along a lot of spare batteries. This is not the environmentally sound decision. The manufacturing of batteries is not the most eco-friendly process, and they are a nightmare to throw away due to their toxicity.

Instead of adding to the waste that is clogging our landfills, you should make the eco-conscious choice to charge your devices with solar panels when you are camping. This will allow you to only bring one battery along for every electronic device you bring with you. It will save you the hassle of packing a ton of batteries, and it will ease your conscience by allowing you to make the environmentally friendly decision.

Harness the Power of the Sun

Using the sun to power your devices is the smartest decision you can make. It is good for the environment, and it assures you that you will always have all the power you need while you are out in the woods. Whether you want to charge your phone, GPS device or portable DVD player, you can get all the energy you need with portable solar panels for camping. They are the smart choice for campers everywhere.

Author Andrew Womble writes for RealSmart.co.au. You can find him on Google+

The Best Hiking Trails in Europe

For those with an adventurous spirit, hiking can be a fantastic way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, scenery and beauty of the world around you, whether traveling in a foreign country or exploring your own. While hiking on mountains with a vast view of the ground below, or on beaches, deserts or beautiful countryside’s, it is easy to lose yourself in the beauty of the present moment. Anyone who loves hiking should visit some of the best trails in Europe; its diverse climate, history, ecological life and landscapes make it perfect for those of any preference. Anyone interested should check out these amazing European hiking trails.

The Pindos/Vikos Circuit: Northern Greece

By Bogdan Giuşcă

By Bogdan Giuşcă

Located in northern Greece, the Pindos mountain range offers incredible sights for even the pickiest hiker. The Pindos/Vikos circuit allows hikers to experience the beauty of historical stone villages, which are perched along the sides of the mountain range, as well as the unique and beautiful ecological life found in northern Greece and Albania. Anyone looking to complete this circuit in its entirety should be aware of its 58 kilometre length, making it up to a seven day hike for avid hikers.

Additionally, outside of the main trail one can find a variety of smaller shepherd’s trails that offer stunning views of the sprawling mountain range.

Hadrian’s Wall Path: Northern England

hadrians_wall_mapHadrian’s Wall is rich with history and stretches close to 76 miles from start to finish. Designed by Roman emperor, Hadrian, this wall was an effort to retreat and consolidate forces by creating a powerful permanent 14-foot high boundary to deter the near constant attack from the barbarians from the north. While most choose to not hike the entire trail, there are a variety of paths that are exceptionally beautiful which traverse volcanic rock ridges as well as the scenic moorland and lakes.

For anyone planning a trip to this region, the most attractive and historically rich paths can be found between Cilurnum and Walton.

Monte Rosa Circuit: Switzerland

By Wikipedia user Ingiro

By Wikipedia user Ingiro

Anyone who loves the climate and beautiful mounts of the Alps will thoroughly enjoy this high altitude and strenuous hike. This hike boasts beautiful mountain and valley views along with distinct ecological life that varies by altitude. The entire circuit should only be attempted by the most skilled hikers as it is nearly a two-week hike; luckily, there are a variety of portions accessible by car for anyone but the most dedicated hikers.

The Great Volcanic Ridge: La Palma, Spain

By  Luc Viatour / www.Lucnix.be

By Luc Viatour / www.Lucnix.be

This hike takes one through the scenic La Palma, a volcanic mountain island, in Spain. The beauty of this hike comes from the extreme effects that local volcanic eruptions have caused over time, creating unique plants, rock formations, craters and outcrops. This hike has no designated length, so one can visit more prominent and unique areas quickly, making it great for the preferences of anyone

All of these hikes are a fantastic way to get out and view the beautiful and historic landscape of some of the most fascinating countries in Europe; however, before choosing any one trail, be certain to prepare the proper equipment and hiking gear in order to ensure an enjoyable and safe time. When you go on hiking holidays, make sure you take the right footwear and comfortable clothing!

Author James Richings is a 25 year old traveller from the UK who writes for directline-holidays.co.uk. Follow him on twitter @richings_james.